Redesign / Relaunch

New design & faster app

Redesign of your website

Improved user experience

Better placement, lean code base

Device adjustments


Already have a Jamstack website and want to revamp components of your site? A revised design should be implemented? After viewing your code base and agreeing on the desired changes, you will receive an offer. We can also take on the implementation of new features.


That means the complete overhaul of your website. Our aim is to produce contemporary applications. Important components of a relaunch are the architecture of your application and the design. We ensure a strict separation of front and backend and mostly implement our projects with a JamStack approach. Here we go - analyzing your site. What is your requirement for a new website? What are the most visited pages so far? What specific, measurable customer need is not being met by the current website? Which pages and elements work well? How do you measure the success of the redesign? The process. It starts with the conception of your application, taking into account your wishes and your budget. Once the conception is complete, the basic work for the design takes place. Mockups show the way. After approval, the design process begins. At the same time, a new infrastructure (code repository, deploy system, editorial system) is set up. Your old data will be migrated from your backend to the new environment. Other required services (SASS products) must also be selected and, if necessary, tested. The coding of your custom application then begins. SEO customization is another very important part of a redesign. The mirroring of old relevant URL structures, defining the meta tags etc.

What we like
  • Flexbox
  • Storybook
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Serverless
  • E-Commerce
  • SEO Optimierung